Riesling Library Mixed Case


People who like Riesling tend to like it a whole lot, and people who like aged Riesling tend to be a little fanatical! The geeky wine-lover on your list will appreciate the fully developed flavours of this versatile and transparent variety. With extensive bottle age, each of these pairs of wines presents an opportunity compare vintage or vineyard source side by side. These wines of quiet contemplation are perfect to dive into while your turkey is roasting or while waiting for the New Years ball to drop!

Each Riesling Library 6-Pack contains:
1 x 2005 Estate Riesling
1 x 2006 Estate Riesling
1 x 2008 Felseck Riesling
1 x 2009 Felseck Riesling
1 x 2008 Roman’s Block Riesling
1 x 2009 Roman’s Block Riesling
+ Hidden Bench Butler’s Thief Corkscrew
Please note that substitutions are not available, limit of 1 pack per household. Price is inclusive of shipping within Canada (Territories excluded).

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