Spring, Sprang, Sprung – Now & Then 2021 Spring Edition


With Spring firmly established in Hidden Bench’s vineyards, we have made the decision to present another in our series of “Now & Then” Library & Current release packages. This time around, we are presenting a single grape variety that has been a staple of the Hidden Bench portfolio since the beginning: Riesling.
Riesling is a work-horse grape in Niagara and we are proud to have taken up the mantle of producing fine Estate blends and Single-Vineyard representations of this grape from our 100% Beamsville Bench Estate Vineyards. Unique to this offering is the fact that we’ve gone deep into Harald’s cellar to grab some of our first-ever 2005 Estate Riesling to make it a part of this package. Not to be outdone, we have also gathered 2 decade+ older Single-Vineyard (Felseck & Roman’s Block) Rieslings to really demonstrate the strength and pride of place that Riesling enjoys in our portfolio and, we hope, in your cellars.
We proudly present to you our “Spring, Sprang, Sprung Now & Then 2021 Spring Edition”
1 x 2017 Estate Riesling
1 x 2005 Estate Riesling (inaugural year)
1 x 2017 Felseck Riesling
1 x 2008 Felseck Riesling
1 x 2016 Roman’s Block Riesling
1 x 2006 Roman’s Block Riesling
$250 *no substitutions*
We only have 50 of these available to purchase!
*Shipping included*

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