International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration

Ten years ago Hidden Bench Estate Winery was part of a forward looking group of Ontario wine producers who believed that the cool climate Chardonnay produced in Ontario was worthy of celebration alongside the great cool climate Chardonnays of the world.

Since then Hidden Bench has participated in every years’ i4c celebration and our vigneron Harald Thiel served as the chair of this event for its first five years providing the appropriate foundation for it to grow upon, going forward.

Since its inception, over 200 wineries from over 40 cool climate regions from around the world have participated, more than 670 cool climate Chardonnays have been poured, and more than 14,000 people have visited and enjoyed the celebration.

To get more information about one of Niagara’s great wine events and to buy tickets for this year’s event please visit the website by clicking the logo! Remember to #i4C18 and @coolchardonnay your photos and posts to take part in the celebration online!