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2014 Estate Riesling

estate Series



The Estate Riesling vineyards were meticulously maintained to capture their varietal character. Bunches were exposed to sunlight at fruit set with leaf removal on the East side of the canopy to maximize fruit ripening while some leaves on the West side were left to protect against sunburn. Green Harvest - the elimination of under-ripe bunches- was performed at the first sign of maturity and only non touching, evenly spaced bunches exposed to sunlight remained to promote ripening, concentrate flavours and to best express our Beamsville Bench Terroir.
The grapes were hand-picked, sorted and gently whole bunch pressed. Only the best quality juice was kept from the press, the equivalent  of 32.45hL per hectare (2.06 Tonnes/acre). The juice was cold settled  for 48 hours, then racked off its lees (the heavy sediment) and warmed to 18 Degrees Celcius to begin fermentation. Cool fermentation lasted 2 months which gives the wine wonderful complexity.
Fragrant floral nose with delicate white peach, mandarin orange and lime notes. The juice palate shows ripe orange, orange rind and zesty lime. Fresh acidity compliments the textured palate. An intense Riesling with typical Bench Minerality.