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2013 Roman's Block Riesling

terroir Series



The vines for this single vineyard Riesling were meticulously maintained to capture their varietal character and especially the terroir  of Roman's Block. All grape bunches were exposed to sunlight at fruit-set with complete leaf removal on the West side of the canopy to maximize fruit ripening. Green harvest- the elimination of under-ripe bunches - was performed at the first sign of maturity and only non-touching bunches exposed to sunlight remained to promote ripening, concentrate flavours and to best express the character of this unique parcel of vines along the Beamsville Bench.

The grapes were hand-picked, sorted and gently pressed as whole bunches. Due to the advanced age of the vines (36 years) we harvested only 2.15kg per bearing vine on average or 29.2hL/Ha. Only the first 500 litres per tonne of free run juice was kept and the juice was cold settled for 2 days. It was then racked off its lees (the heavy sediment) and warmed before the fermentation started. The cool fermentation lasted 2.5 months which gives the wine its wonderful complexity.


Winemaker's Comments

Pale gold in colour, with delicate floral notes of orange blossom and green apple on the nose. The taste is complex and concentrated with lemon/lime citrus aromas, balanced by a lively acidity. The finish is long with a wet stone minerality that can be attributed to 36 year old vines in our Rosomel vineyard.