Winemaking Philosophy

Winemaking Philosophy

Hidden Bench is a terroir driven, small cuvee winery whose underlying philosophy is to create premium wines that have a sense of time and place and that are a product of our mission/vision and core values.

The five cornerstones of our winemaking philosophy can be summarized as follows:

  1. Great wines are created in the vineyard where our winemaking starts. Sustainable practices coupled with a tremendous amount of  hand labour permit us to keep our vines in balance and to manage our reduced yields.
  2. Clean fresh fruit produces superior wine and, as such, we individually bunch sort all of our white wine varietals and bunch sort and then individual berry sort all of our red wine varietals.
  3. Less is more summarizes our non-interventionist, minimalist wine making approach.
  4. Gentle handling of the wine throughout the winemaking process.
  5. Patience, patience, patience, and then just a bit more patience.

Additionally, we will not release a wine if we do not believe that it meets our stringent quality standards and we will declassify a Terroir Series wine if the vintage or the wine does not warrant the Terroir Series designation.

Our wines are not made, but, are created by an uncompromising and passionate focus on quality and attention to detail in all aspects of the wine making process that permits the wine and the vineyard to express their true potential. The superb vineyards and terroir of the Beamsville Bench of which we are the stewards, create the wine, our minimalist  winemaking just lets the wine express its true potential. Santé!