Our Wines

Our Wines

Hidden Bench wines are released twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall of each year when our winemaker and vigneron/proprietor believe that the specific wine is ready to be enjoyed by our clients. Due to the small production levels and the strong  demand for Hidden Bench wines, the best way to assure your ongoing supply of Hidden Bench wines is to become a member of one of our two wine clubs either The Terroir Club or the  The Estate Club or  The Bench Club

As we are just getting started and have not reached full production levels yet, you will note that our order form has allocation limits for all wines. Due to our small production, exceptional demand and in order to have as many clients as possible experience the pleasure of Hidden Bench wines, our  proprietor/vigneron has imposed these strict  purchase limits for the benefit of all.

We hope that you enjoy the Hidden Bench wine that you purchase and if you do we encourage you to become a member of one of our wine clubs to assure your ongoing access to the  wines that are created by Terroir, Technology, Sustainability, and above all by Passion. Santé! 

Terroir Series Wines

These are Hidden Bench Wines that are produced in very limited quantities and represent the very best premium wines that the Beamsville Bench and Hidden Bench can produce. Frequently, due to our stringent  quality standards and small cuvee philosophy, coupled  with old vine planting limitations, these wines will have a total production of  only 100 to 250 cases annually and will only be produced when the vintage warrants. First access to these wines is reserved to Terroir and Estate wine club members. They are then offered to our existing client listing prior to going on sale in our retail store and online. We also provide for a special allocation of these wines for our restaurant partners. 

Estate Series Wines

Hidden Bench Estate Series wines  are those that can usually be produced in case lots varying between 250 and 750 cases depending on vintage, varietal and vineyard designation and as such are more readily available in restaurants and to the general public than Terroir Series wines. First access to these wines goes to our Terroir and Estate Wine Club members, followed by our existing and pre-release mailing/email client list before being offered for sale to the general public in our retail store and online.  Although produced in greater case numbers, these wines are frequently only available in limited amounts due to allocation.